holds a SVV1, SVV2 titles
As well as several show titles

Viki is my kind of a girl
Confident, social, high energy but easily calms down.
Loves to work and learn new things. Good with people and animals, but has a solid protective streak that is easily controllable.

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As Viki is a very recent arrival I did not get to do as much play/work with her as I would have liked, but she excels at all we have done

As per usual we try to introduce new stuff to our pups.
She seemed to like water a lot, so I started training underwater retrieve!!..
She is just load of fun and hugely exceeded my expectations!!

Picture on the left, she has seen me under water and seemed a bit confused by that.. LOL
Picture on the right, she is getting her toy!!

I am just as eager to start doing all kinds of fun stuff as she is!!

But that will need to wait for a while… We have just bred Viki to Xly and are hoping for puppies to arrive Oct 1, 2021 and a new line of Canczech dreams will continue!!

Viki's first video at Canczechdogs

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This is a certificate she earned as a puppy champion for Slovakia

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