Flash Nell's DA

DOB Jan 12 2020

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Flash is a calm, relaxed and a well balanced dog.
He is very well trained and easy to handle, also a powerfull defender. Flash is sociable and likes children.
He quickly forms a bond with his new owner with whom he likes to play fetch. No problem with other animals either. He is used to living inside the house.
He is great with any surfaces (tiles, wooden floor etc.) He loves car rides and going to new places.
Flash demands your attention and loves to be by your side.
He is suitable for the police but he would also make a great family member.

Beefeater z Deštných lesů ( SVV1 )

DOB Jan 8 2020

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Beefeater is a dog with a massive build - big head and strong bone.
Beef has his SVV1 title.
He is very easy to handle, has excellent obedience and is great on all surfaces inside or out.
He loves company very much, children and other animals are not a problem for him.
When he gets used to his new owner, he makes an inseparable companion and a protector.
He loves to play fetch.