"BJORI" and "Sly" (Xly z Canczech)

D.O.B. Fall 2018

The last litter has worked out so well we thought we would do it again! Temperament and agility plus. We are waiting on Mother Nature and Bjori to confirm our breeding and delivery time line. Our wait list is filling up quickly.

Please join us at:

Bjori Soky-Pe IPO1
DOB: Nov. 19, 2011
Hips: FCI: A
Elbows: FCI: A

Bjori has proven herself in Slovakia by providing progeny with excellent health, well-balanced temperament and solid working ethic. A select few of these puppies have been imported to working homes in North America.

Now she brings these remarkable traits to Canczechdogs!

Her Slovak breed survey identifies her special traits as: 'excellent character' and is 'recommended for breeding to improve character traits'.

Pups will be suitable for police, working or active pet homes.

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Xly z Canczech
(call name Sly)

What can't he do? Xly has been in the movies, worked as a serious personal protection dog, trained in narcotic detection, proven Zombie slayer, good with children, good with small dogs and so much more. Xly is a breeding of ours with Xtreme Bobi and Corado z Vetrovej luky (Rush) and bring both parents best qualities to his "A" game. He is a gorgeous dark sable male with OFA good hips. He brings structural quality, a clear mind and working integrity to our lines. Xly is a proven international stud dog.

Link to several of Xly's videos,

Here he does some muzzle work under a water fall
Xly at 9 1/2 months training
Xly practising Jiu Jitsu
Xly and Zombies… (ok an attempt at humour)

There are more videos on our Youtube channel,

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