"BJORI" and "ATOS" are parents!!! We now have five male and four female pups. Congratulations to those of you on our puppy list. Bjori and Atos did not disappoint any of you.

D.O.B. June 18, 2017

This is a cookie cutter litter. Everyone of them entered the world, settled when we handled them for weights, collaring and tieing off their umbilical cords. They then became strong independent feeders. Not one lagged here. Great nose drive when they search for mom in the box.

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Bjori Soky-Pe IPO1,
DOB: Nov. 19, 2011
Hips: FCI: A
Elbows: FCI: A


Bjori has proven herself in Slovakia by providing progeny with excellent health, well-balanced temperament and solid working ethic. A select few of these puppies have been imported to working homes in North America.

Now she brings these remarkable traits to Canczechdogs!

Her Slovak breed survey identifies her special traits as: 'excellent character' and is 'recommended for breeding to improve character traits'.

Pups will be suitable for police, working or active pet homes.

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Atos Smreková hora


Beauty and brains! We imported Atos several years ago for a client and he has grown into a gorgeous dark sable male with OFA excellent hips. He brings structural quality, a clear mind and working integrity to our lines. Currently, his main focus is a working security/detection dog. We are fortunate enough to have access to him as a stud.

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