Canczechdogs has been training dogs professionally for over 30 years. I grew up in the city of Prague, Czechoslovakia. Most of my spare time was spent at a K-9 training centre where i observed service and sport dogs being trained. It was not long before I knew what I would spend the rest of my life doing. My appetite for knowledge in training dogs was, and remains to this day insatiable. Finding and working with top notch trainers to extend my knowledge and and skills has been a primary factor in my success of becoming a well recognized and respected professional Master Trainer.
Our perseverance to maintain the integrity of Canczech Kennels is also well recognized. Our reputation for having provided high quality dogs, training and assistance to Police Forces, Correctional Institutions and other Law Enforcement agencies as well as private citizens speaks for it self.
All of our dogs are either directly imported from Czechoslovakia, (now Czech Republic and Slovakia) or are bred by us from top imported lines.
The quality of these East European German Shepherds is immediately apparent to anyone with knowledge of working dogs. Their strength, intelligence and courageousness are unparalleled.
Occasionally we still travel to Europe to seek out seasoned trainers, as we continually strive to improve our skills and education in professional dog training. We do not believe in training obstacles at Canczech Kennels, only training opportunities which challenge us to adopt, improvise and overcome the training requirements of our client's specific and unique needs. From personal protection dogs that can be trusted around your children, search and rescue, detection and police dogs, to training and supplying dogs to the movie industry, we do it all, and no one does it better then Canczechdogs.