our dogs and their handlers earned

K-9 Jorja

Left to right, Gordon Campbell a premier of British Columbia, K-9 Jorja and her handler Kim Moore receiving the Premiers Award of Excellence

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K-9 Vader

K-9 Vader and Deputy Kyle Quist (I80 K-9)
Won 2014 case of the year and a master tracker award

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Press Release

October 5th – 10th the Cass County Sheriff’s Office K9 teams attended the Heart of America Police Dog Association annual certification. 28 K9 teams from Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas attended the certification. During the certification competitions are held. Cass County K9 team Deputy Kyle Quist and K9 Vader received multiple awards.
The first award they received was for Patrol Case of the Year. All members of the organization can submit a case they believed to be one of their best for the year between certification periods. The cases are read to all members of the organization and all details such as names, departments, areas, etc. are anonymous. The members of the organization vote for the case they believe to be the best one submitted for the year. Deputy Quist and K9 Vader won the award for an incident that occurred in Audubon County. The K9 team was called to assist multiple agencies with a domestic situation involving a firearm. The suspect fled on foot. K9 Vader tracked the suspect across a field and located him in some tall grass. The K9 apprehended the subject by biting him. The subject was given medical attention and arrested on multiple charges.
The second award they received was a Master Tracker award. The certification judges pick two K9 teams to compete that they believed ran the best tracks in their certification. Quist and K9 Vader were one of the teams selected to compete. The judges then lay similar tracks for the two competing teams. The tracks are lengthy, roughly a mile or longer. The judges attempt different techniques to make the K9 team lose the track. They also judge how well the K9 stayed on track and how the K9 worked different surface conditions and terrain. Deputy Quist and K9 Vader ran their track successfully to earn the award.
After winning the Master Tracker award this year, Deputy Quist, over the years with K9 Kane (retired) and now K9 Vader has won a first place or case of the year award in every category of the HAPDA organization (patrol case of the year, narcotics case of the year, tough dog, patrol dog, & detector dog).

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K9 Vader's
Hero of the year award!!

We are very proud of Vader and his partner Kyle

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K-9 Talu

K-9 Talu and officer Cheryl Yaws won 2013 Narcotics Case of the Year Award

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K-9 Sonny

K-9 Sonny and officer Justin DeBruin
won Case of the First Quarter 2016 Award

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K-9 Rex

K-9 Rex and handler

2016 Tough Dog Award

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